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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Highly-Anticipated Penguins Match Rained Out

Dateline: September 13, 2008, Maple North Field, Oak Park. The ladies of the St. Giles Penguins will have to wait another week to attempt to chalk their second victory. Heavy overnight rain across the Midwest United States forced the groundskeepers to cancel Saturday's anticipated match for all league teams. Penguins star Sarah Steadman said she was disappointed with the cancellation, but saving her energy to hammer the opposition in the Penguins' next match on September 20. "They cancelled the game for a little rain? Oh, come on. Trust me. We will be ready to play when the wimps at the Oak Park Park District finally allow the teams to strap on their cleats and go at it," she said.

The Penguins' next match is scheduled for 12:15pm on September 20 at Maple South Field against Coach Silber's OPAYSO Team 13. Coaches asked the Penguins players to arrive around noon to be sure that the team gets the maximum practice time before the match.

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