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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Shi-San" Steadman Praised by Coaches in Loss

Dateline: April 26, 2009, Hoffman Estates. With only goals by Sammy Holy and Angie Schultz, the Franklin Park Gold Mite Panthers could not get their offense going and failed to keep up with the Hoffman Estates Wolfpack on this rainy Sunday, losing 8-0. There were moments of hope for the Panthers, however.

Goalie Sammie Shultz was magnificent again, blocking over 30 shots while allowing only 8 goals. On a brillant play captured by our photographer, below, Sammie stopped a hard slapshot on the way to her high-water mark of blocked shots for the season.

Panthers' Sammy Shultz with an athletic block
of a Wolfpack slapshot in the second period

Sammie Holy had a nice goal against the Wolfpack in the second period, also captured by our intrepid photographer.

Sammy Holy's smooth goal
in the second period

However, the real news of the day came in the after-game, closed-door meeting Coach Shultz held with his team. "Our defense was not good," he said, "but you all should take a look at what Sarah did today. She was the only one playing defense the way I want to see it."

Defense(wo)man Sarah "Shi-San" Steadman
on the prowl

After the game, Sarah mused to our reporter: "I have to credit great coaching in addition to my own amazing talent. I am pretty sure I'd have gotten just as good eventually, just based on my incredible natural athletic ability, but the coaching sure makes it easier. Coach Bill pulled me out on a line change today to give me some pointers, and it made all the difference. I really credit him."

She continued, "I really am worried that there are not enough professional-league opportunities for Women in hockey. I'm out to change that. I know all about high school and college, and even the Olympics, and I intend to dominate them the way I'm dominating the Panthers' defensive efforts. But I'd really like the opportunity to go pro. I hope my dad is a good enough lawyer to break open those leagues for superlative women players like me."

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