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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Volcanoes fall to Black Shirts 1-4 In Opener but Rookie Talent Erupts

Dateline: September 19, 2009, Fox Park. The Oak Park Volcanoes Football Club dropped their inaugural match to the Black Shirts 4-1 this morning. However, fans saw room for optimism in the debut of a number of rookie players for the Crimson Jerseys.

Coach Jamal met the team about 30 minutes before the game and gave an upbeat lecture to get blood pumping. There was really no need, as these 5 year old colts were ready to rumble. But there was business to cover. "What is the team's name," this intrepid reporter asked. "I don't know," responded Coach Jamal, who then quizzed his team about their choice for a moniker. "Flame," said one red-jersey wearing youth. "Lava," said another. "Volcanoes," said a third, and the name stuck.

But the real story was the premiere of hockey phenom William Steadman in a football, a sport where he had never played a game before. Steadman and his friend, Drew Kunkel, hammered the field throughout the morning giving fans and pundits plenty to discuss.

In the first quarter, Steadman was assigned to play wing. He quickly set the tone for the match with two shots on goal and excellent ball handling. Kunkel, his partner in crime, played defense and was awarded a goal kick but was unable to score.

In the second quarter, Steadman had a breakaway nearly all the way downfield but was unable to control the ball at the end for a clean shot. Black scored a goal while the Volcanoes' goalie had her back to the play -- oddly, it was a goal kick awarded for a foul but the goalie appeared not to be paying attention. Near the end of the quarter, Steadman had another shot on goal but like the first it was blocked by the Black's goalie.

In the third quarter, Volcano Daniel started in goal and had a magnificent block before missing the rebound to allow the Black's second goal. Teammate Gretchen was talking to her mother at the time. Kunkel then took the goalie position, but allowed another Black goal on a nearly identical play.

Steadman manned the goal for most of the Fourth quarter, and made a brilliant save. Later, however, he was seen swinging like a monkey from the crossbar, and eventually allowed a fourth Black goal high in the corner. Nevertheless, close observers saw potential in his play, including several charges on the ball that resulted in key turnovers.

"We lost," Steadman said after the game, "but I was excellent."

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