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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hi Ho Silver! Panthers fall to Rangers 5-0

Dateline: November 1, 2009.  Despite a heroic push to chase down the Rangers, Panthers fell short today 5-0.  Panthers played excellent defense most of the day, and had a number of chances, but were overcome by Rangers' superior discipline and passing. 

CJ Kruger was penalized 1:30 twice, once for tripping, and once for slashing.

Goalie Sebastian Hanulik stopped shot after shot, and displayed excellent reflexes.

Today's match was the fifth of the so-called "pre-tier" period.  After one more game, Panthers will be assigned to a tier. Despite Panthers' record, their play is improving and fans see good things coming up.  "There is no way they will be in the top tier," one fan said, "and given the way they are coming together, we should have a good record in our tier."

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