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Saturday, December 12, 2009

GM Panthers Burn Leafs 5-1, Improve Record to 2-0

Captain Gio Gulino's Second Goal

Dateline: December 12, 2009, Franklin Park Ice Arena.  Co-Captain Giovanni Gulino put the fire to the Leafs for a second time, burning their defense for four goals en route to a route by the home ice Panthers.  The Panthers, featuring their revised lineup for a second straight game, with Sammy Holy on defense and Co-Captain Mike Sliwinski at winger again proved a formidable combination on the first line; while Defenseman Sarah "Go-San" Steadman anchored the second line and tried some new skills.

The match started well for the Panthers, who held the puck in the Leafs' zone most of the first period.  The Panthers showed excellent passing and spacing skills.  But the Leafs scored first, on a long breakaway.  The first period would ended with the Leafs leading 1-0, despite the superior play of the Panthers. 

That was pretty much all she wrote for the Leafs.  Playing his customary number 81, Captain Giovanni Gulino went on a scoring tear, making four straight un-answered goals in the second and third periods.  CJ Kruger added a final tally in the third period, and the Panthers won convincingly in front of a loud crowd at the FPICE arena, 5-1.

The match was as physical as any played by the Panthers this year.  The Leafs, clearly frustrated by their inability to score and the superior play of the Panthers, repeatedly hammered the Panthers including a hard smacking of Alternate Captain Mike Sliwinski to the near-side boards on a breakaway in the second.  Defenseman Sarah "Go-San" Steadman also got roughed up, when a Leaf knocked her over and jerked her leg straight back, injuring her ankle.  "I had to play hurt for a few minutes, but their toughness was nothing compared to ours," she said after the match.

The match was especially special for Defenseman Steadman because "Uncle" Matt Satchwell and his beautiful wife Mary were in the crowd.

Next up for the Panthers is a Saturday match against the Barrington Redwings, followed by a Sunday home ice re-match against the Glen Ellyn Admirals.

Panthers Celebrate Win!

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