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Monday, March 15, 2010

Schultz's Panthers Squirts Sport New Roster For Second Season

Dateline: March 15, 2010. Hockey’s second season started today, following the draft in Franklin Park. Coach Artie Schultz’s Squirt Panthers feature mostly rookies at the squirt level but a few veterans too.

On Offense, Schultz has veterans B.J. Carmichael (12), Adam Ihmoud (6), Danny Schultz (9) and Aleks Gronkowski (11). Rookies include Gui Gulino (5), R.J. Jones (7), Anders Lempia (2), Nick Luedke (3), Ryan Macri (8), Joe Sabatino (13), Angie Schults (4), and Mike Sliwinski (15).

On Defense, the team is all rookies with Sarah Steadman (17), Adam Tzaska (16) and Sammy Holy (10) the only committed defensemen.

The team has two goalies, Sammy Schultz (23) and Joseph Schmid (14).

“What we lack in experience, we’ll make up in toughness,” said Steadman.

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