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Sports exploits of the amazing Steadman children.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bend It Like Emma: the littlest Steadman takes up sport

Dateline October 6, 2008, Oak Park. Refusing to be out-done by older siblings Sarah "Roku" Steadman of the FC Penguins soccer team and William "Big Dog" Steadman of the Chicago Wolves, Emma Steadman announced today that she was joining sports. "I can play football too," said Ms. Steadman. "How hard can it be? Kick the ball, chase the ball, kick the ball again. Look cute. Easy." Ms. Steadman has joined the Little Kickers program. When reporters pointed out that she has very little experience in sports generally, Ms. Steadman (2) responded with "strong face" (pictured above) and pooped her pants.

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