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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Orange Crush Fizzes Improved Volcanoes

Dateline: October 3, 2009.  Vocanoes showed improved play today but failed to capitalize as they lost their third straight game, this time to the Orange Crush. 

Before the match, forward William Steadman relaxed on the playground, relaxing, getting rady to play.  Volcanoes arrived at the pitch with an upbeat attitude, but things turned almost immediately as the Crush scored on the initial kickoff, taking the ball from midfield to directly to net. 

Volcanoes rallied, holding off Crush for two straight quarters after that.  Drew Kunkel and William Steadman both had impressive drives, with shots on goal, but the Crush goalie blocked all attacks. The ball control, passing, and attention were much improved over recent weeks, and this reporter was surprised that Volcanoes were not able to score.  Meanwhile, Steadman's little sister Emma "flag" Steadman chased the flag in the corner of the pitch, trying to catch it.  "It was just too high," she said.

Volcanoes kept it up for two quarters but, in the third quarter, Volcanoes lost focus with Kunkel playing goalie.  Kunkel, looking the other way, simply did not see the Crush attack, and Orange side scored on a good shot.

Steadman and Kunkel again had aggressive, impressive shots on goal in the fourth period, only to be denied by several lucky breaks that fell to the Crush goalie.  Of course, the match was interrupted several times to pet a furry fan.

With seconds left in the match, Crush scored a final lucky goal on Esteban, playing goalie, to end the match 3-0. 

So far, Volcanoes have failed to score an offensive goal this season which has been a surprise -- the feature good passing, good control, and good shooting but luck simply has not broken their way in a 0-3 start.

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