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Monday, January 4, 2010

Huskies Fall to Redwings 9-1 But Show Improvement

Dateline: January 4, 2010, Oak Park.  The Oak Park Silver Mite Huskies took the ice today, one game after their debut loss to the Leafs but with renewed purpose. Playing at home for the first time, the Huskies were enthusiastic. “Let’s get ‘em!” cried defenseman William Steadman, #12.

The Huskies played tough hockey all day, but could not seem to crack the Redwings’ goalie. “He was huge,” said one player. “I think I saw him playing for the Redwings’ Gold Mite team a few weeks ago,” said another player’s father.” “Cheaters,” concluded another fan.

“I don’t know if he cheated or not,” said William Bakugan Hot-Rod Pokemon Steadman. “But he looked absolutely stupid in that Viking-horn helmet. I mean, their the Redwings, not the Vikings. Where did he get that crap?”

The Huskies ultimately lost the match, and were down 5-0 late in the second, but did find something to give their fans hope. With 3:00 left to play in the second, forward Jamie hammered one in for the Huskies’ first goal of the season, celebrating all the way down the ice.

“We now have something to build on,” said Steadman.

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