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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Panthers Skin Bruins - Bertuca finally nets first goal

Dateline: January 09, 2010. The Panthers rebounded from their recent loss (which ended a 10 game streak) with a pounding of the Bruins today and 10 goals.

The Bruins drew first blood, scoring on a hard shot from the point at 8:01 in the first period.

But then it was all Panthers. Gio Gulino evened the score less than 30 seconds later. Goalie Hanulik came alive, trapping several shots. Gulino scored again in heavy traffic early in the second period, popping a rebound into the net at 10:48.

Then things really got exciting. Frankie Bertuca, who had been seeking his first goal all season, camped out at the top of the crease. Teammates Mike Sliwinski and Gio Gulino worked tirelessly to get him the puck, and he finally connected slapping the biscuit in the basket to make the score 3-1 at 9:34 in the second period.

Gulino finished his umpteenth hat trick of the season with the fourth goal 20 seconds later.

In the third period, CJ Kruger got in on the action, scoring at 10:45. "Stop scoring," ordered the coach. But the Panthers couldn't help themselves.

Guilino scored the 6th goal, and Zander Babich scored the seventh. Gulino scored again at 5:48.

Coach Bertuca began to mix his lines, and defenseman Sammy Holy moved to forward, scoring the 9th goal at 3:20 and the 10th at 1:13.

Defenseman Sarah Steadman saved the 10-1 tally with 35 seconds left, tripping a breakaway Bruin and taking a trip to the box for the team.

"We are back," said Steadman after the game. "Be afraid. Very afraid."

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