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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chicago Sports Family Fails to Agree on a single Team Jersey for Annual Holiday Photo.

Dateline: November 30, 2008, Oak Park. Sports Family Steadman was today unable to agree on a single team, much less a single jersey, for their annual Christmas Photo. "Blackhawks are the best Chicago team!" cried Sarah "Roku" Steadman. "The Cubs blew it at the end, the Bears are mediocre at best, who knows what's going on with the Bulls (though I acknowledge that Rose is a huge upgrade), and the Wolves are minor league!"

"You don't know nuthin," rejoined William Steadman, resplendant in his green-eyed Wolves jersey. "The Wolves have more championships in the last six years than any team within 100 miles of Chicago. When was the last time the Stanley Cup resided here? Oh, yeah, I forgot, it was before dirt was invented. Before Mom was born! Come on, get with the now!!!!!!"

"Beawrs!" shouted Emma Steadman. "Foo!"

Mom and Dad just looked on, sadly wearing their Cubs jerseys and wishing it were less than 100 years since the last title for their baseball team.

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