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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blackhawk Netminder Huet Sent Down to Panthers for Remedial Work

Dateline: October 18, 2009.  After allowing three goals on five shots in .28 milliseconds against Calgary, and a goal on a ricochet last night against Dallas, goaltender Cristobal Huet has been sent down to the minors to get some work and restore his confidence.  However, unlike winger Jack Skille who has bounced almost daily between AAA affiliate Rockford and the NHL club, Huet is being sent farther down in the Hawks' system.  "Dey sent mee to Fwanklin Park to pway for de Gold Mite 1 Panthers team," he said in a smarmy, almost unintelligible French accent this morning, between mouthfulls of snails and stinky cheeses.  "I guess dey have a pwetty good team dere, no?"

On the upside, Franklin Park will not be much of a geographical change for the Gaullist goalie.  It is located only about 5 miles from the United Center and 8 miles from the Blackhawks' practice ice.  On the downside, however, Huet faces stiff competition at his new team.  "The starting job is mine," says goalie Sebastian Hanulik.  "If the thinks he's coming in here to be handed the job, he has another think coming." 

"Right now, he couldn't stop a soft shot from an 8-year old girl," one analyst who wished to remain nameless said.  "And that's a real problem for the Panthers, because there are a lot of good 8-year old girls in their league."

"This 8-year old girl says no Froggie goalies," said defenseman Sarah "Go-San" Steadman.  "I'm with Sebastian.  Let Cristobal ride the pine."

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