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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shorthanded Torpedoes Drop Match to Red Retrievers; Forward Erin Sullivan Out for Season

Dateline: October 21, 2009.  F.C. Torpedoes' rescheduled match against Red Retrievers did not go well this evening, as the Blue side lost 4-1 in the damp.  Torpedoes were forced to play shorthanded as four girls were unable to make the lineup.  "That meant no substitutions or rest at all, and we had one fewer player for the entire second half than they did," explained defenseman Sarah "Go-San" Steadman.

One of the absent Torpedoes was forward Erin Sullivan, whose mother had put her on the injured list the day before with a foot injury.  The latest reports from inside Torpedoes headquarters is that the injury is sufficiently serious that it will keep Sullivan out for the remainder of the season.  "Erin does have a broken foot.  It’s a right 5th metatarsal fracture, and it happened doing a backward-running relay before swim team practice last week (of all things…).  So her soccer season is over, unfortunately."

"Swimming?  SWIMMING????  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" exclaimed Steadman.  "What is she doing SWIMMING?  This is frickin' football season!  She can't be swimming during football season.  It's insane!  Now, if she had been injured playing hockey, I could understand. I mean, I play hockey, and it's a rough sport.  But swimming?  Sheesh."

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